EleHoli Festival got its name as the “Festival of Colors” celebrated. The festival marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season.

Holi festival is a very carefree festival that’s great fun to participate in if you don’t mind getting all colored & dance to the tunes of folk music and instruments.

Eleholi Festival is one of the biggest and most beautifully organized Holi event at eleday. One can expect a true introduction to Indian festive culture, folk music and dances of Rajasthan, authentic cuisine and Non-stop fun.

We expect our guests coming to the event to be prepared for an all-day fun involving play with organic colors, dance on the local and Bollywood tunes, relish on some amazing food and get the best out of our unlimited array of offers at the event.

Some of the major highlights & inclusions of the Holi are mentioned below:
Traditional Welcome Ceremony

Folk Dances & Folk Music
Traditional Entertainment (Puppet Show, Kachchi Ghodi etc.)

This is an Alert cancellation of holi festival with colors 10th march 2020. As per government advisory.

Given the recent unrest in india and the rapid spread of Coronavirus across the Globe, we have Decided not to go ahead with the ele holi festival this year. Safety and security of all our patrons is always a matter of paramount importance to us. For all those who have already purchased tickets to the festival, be rest assured, The flower holi with elephants and all the activities will remain the same with elephants. Only activities, which can cause spreading virus. we will not organizing such as dance, play with colors and game compositions and Food will be also not included. Please keep mask and gloves with you for safety. We urge you all to stay safe and healthy

Holi Festival Package

Play with colors


Holi festival with colors is cancelled

  • Entry ticket
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited colors (Packets of 5 different color on entry)
  • Folk Dance/ Folk Music
  • Rain dance
  • Games competitions
  • Elephant feeding and photography
  • Camel polo
  • Competition in tug of war

Eleholi Festival Package

Flower Holi with elephants

  • Entry ticket
  • Folk Dance/ Folk Music
  •  Elephant Activities
     1. Elephant Bare back riding
     2. Elephant washing
     3. Feeding elephant

     4. Flower holi with elephants
     5. Decoration of elephant

Includes in packages

1.      Welcome with “CHUNG” a traditional Holi festival instrument & drummers/girls in colorful dresses

2.      Life performance – entertainment folk dance and folk music

3.      Water bottles/Snacks

4.    Mask and gloves

5.    Play with flowers